Grainger Market Festival 2013


Grainger Market Festival 2013

There was fun this October half-term in the Grainger Market!

Businesses throughout the Market decorated their shops in Hallowe’en colours with spooky ghosts and scary creatures all around! Shops we also selling Halloween costumes, facepaints, mask, and there were jewellery and beads in my wife’s shop as well.

Also during the week, there was the 1950s celebration organised by Newcastle City Council. They celebrated the 1950s in various ways, including this 1950s bus I snapped outside the Grainger Market this Saturday.

One of the highlights of the events was the visit of the Street Scientists to the Grainger Market. They’re students from Newcastle University, and they promote and engage people with the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Three students came to the Grainger Market on Wednesday 30 October and they brought with them a really interesting array of experiments and hands-on activities to show science in everyday life. I really enjoyed taking part in these experiments, including one where I learnt about how sound travels better through a rope than through the air, and another where I learnt about density by attempting to make a packet of ketchup sink in a plastic bottle filled with water!

Hopefully the Street Scientists will visit the Grainger Market again soon.