Grainger Market Bag

Next time you’re around Newcastle, look out for people carrying the Grainger Market bag. It’s a reusable bag made of jute.

You can buy the bags from the Weigh House on Alley 2.

They cost £2 each. Please note the bags are produced by Newcastle City Council.

Love Your Local Market Fortnight 2014


Date for your diary

Just a bit of early notice that this year’s Love Your Local Market fortnight is taking place between 14 & 28 May 2014.

It’s a time to celebrate markets up and down the country, and you can help by joining in with some of the activities some of the Grainger Market’s traders are organising as part of Love Your Local Market!


Grainger Market Festival 2013


Grainger Market Festival 2013

There was fun this October half-term in the Grainger Market!

Businesses throughout the Market decorated their shops in Hallowe’en colours with spooky ghosts and scary creatures all around! Shops we also selling Halloween costumes, facepaints, mask, and there were jewellery and beads in my wife’s shop as well.

Also during the week, there was the 1950s celebration organised by Newcastle City Council. They celebrated the 1950s in various ways, including this 1950s bus I snapped outside the Grainger Market this Saturday.

One of the highlights of the events was the visit of the Street Scientists to the Grainger Market. They’re students from Newcastle University, and they promote and engage people with the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Three students came to the Grainger Market on Wednesday 30 October and they brought with them a really interesting array of experiments and hands-on activities to show science in everyday life. I really enjoyed taking part in these experiments, including one where I learnt about how sound travels better through a rope than through the air, and another where I learnt about density by attempting to make a packet of ketchup sink in a plastic bottle filled with water!

Hopefully the Street Scientists will visit the Grainger Market again soon.

Family fun in he Grainger Market this October half-term



There’s a whole series of events arranged for year Grainger Market this half-term!

1950s Grainger Market Festival
Newcastle City Council has arranged a series of events to take place between 28 October and 1 November. The events are all themed around the 1950s and include a visit from the staff and volunteers of Beamish Museum and a 1950s tea dance.

You can pick up a flyer from the Grainger Market for more information.

Newcastle University’s Street Science Team
Come and explore science, technology, engineering and maths hands-on on Wednesday 30 October in the Grainger Market. All thanks to Newcastle University’s street scientists. Great fun!

If you’re walking around the Grainger Market on Thursday 31 October you might just see some spooky creatures and costumes as some of the traders dress up for the day! Which outfit will be your favourite?

You’ll also find a huge range of Hallowe’en products in the Grainger Market. From cakes to fancy dress, face paints to pumpkins, jewellery to accessories.

A big welcome to Newcastle’s new and returning students #freshersweek

The Grainger Market has been bustling this week and last with the start of the academic year at the city’s universities.

Its been good to see new and returning students alike exploring the shops and alleys of the Grainger Market.

Today (Friday 27 September) there’s a Grainger Market stall at Newcastle University’s freshers week, located in a marquee just outside the Union building.  You can pick up information leaflets all about the Grainger Market and find out about some of the market’s traders.  And you can purchase a Grainger Market bag for £1, instead of the usual price of £2.

There’s also stalls from other local and independent businesses.  When I passed this morning there was also another marquee being put up, so there may be other activities happening as well.

The Grainger Market stall is there til 5pm this evening.

Exciting times in the Grainger Market

There’s been a swathe of new shops opening recently, and there’s more on the way!

My wife’s new shop opened last summer in the Arcade part of the Grainger Market, and since then there has been a steady stream of new shops opening.

I’ll first mention glug… , which opened a few months after ours, and sells craft beers from around the world, as well as some local brews.  Its next to mmm… and run by the same people.  They took an old, run-down stall and transformed it into a lovely new shop.

Almonds & Raisins is a new health food shop which has opened at the top on Alley Two on the Nelson Street side.  Its stocks a large variety of healthier foods.

The new Oyster Bar in the Fish Market (Alley One) has been open a while and is proving popular with lots of the people I speak to.

Ellen’s Cosmetics have opened their new beauty & cosmetics shop in the middle of the Arcade.

The Pet Lamb Girls are moving in a bigger Grainger Market shop and will be re-opening soon.

And there’s The Yesterday Society opening a vintage clothes shop on Alley One.

Add them to the fantastic traders already in the Grainger Market, I find it a great place for shopping, with a great variety of shops.